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About Isabella

I love awakening you to the brilliance of life, so you realize the brilliance that is you.

Life is beautiful. I have always looked upon it in fascination and wonder of its magic. This inspired me to pursue my intuition and develop my psychic abilities so I could access a broader perspective on life.  My life transformed when I became acutely aware of how attuned I was living in harmony with the collective consciousness of love. This enabled me to embody my higher self, while channeling and communicating with different forms of existence. It was through this celebration that I established a unique expression of universal wisdom. I came to experience our incredible power to create and found alignment in the reality of my dreams. You can too!

Your presence is a gift that only you can offer the world.  Be Your Brilliance.


About Samba

My beautiful horse is a dream come true. His majestic presence and intuitive ability to resonate with the essence of your soul, brings forth a truly valuable and distinct quality to our service. Samba aligns you to the treasures of your heart. His radiance empowers you to embrace life. He is greatly celebrated for his energetic transmissions of love. Samba is a catalyst for transformation. The energy he transmits is brilliance. This enables those he collaborates with to upgrade their cosmic body. Samba refers to himself as an architect for the soul, as he downloads galactic codes and rewires cellular structures, so we can receive wisdom with greater ease. Samba appreciates beauty, expresses universal wisdom and consistently reminds us to embody our playful nature.  He highlights that our brilliance is best realized in JOY!



Samba and I work in harmony with you to bring your dreams to life!

Together we share insights that explore and express our infinite nature in timeless realities. Samba enriches our awareness. As a nature spirit, the information he receives is heartfelt. He is confident about exposing our multi-dimensional existence and loves to enlighten us all! 

Our intention is to bring forth guidance that is simple, precise and applicable in your everyday living, so you live your best life now! 

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Our greatest joy and mission is to empower you to live in the presence of your heart.

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