* You are destined for Brilliance *

Your destiny is already designed. There are infinite possibilities for you to explore. Your free will comes to play as to which one you choose. The way you bring physical manifestation to form is through your focus. This is how you project its reality in this dimension of time and space. All possibilities already exist as a vibration.

The Power of Now:

The past, present and future are all here. Therefore our future experience (destiny) exists now. Each possibility holds a unique frequency. This can be compared to as a television channel. There are infinite channels to choose from and each channel holds a unique destiny.

Samba and I live in the channel of brilliance. This channel flows in harmony with life. There is no struggle or questioning mind to be experienced. Instead there is a beautiful unfolding that happens organically. The mind is used as a powerful tool to project the resonance of the heart and materialize its expression into form. Here you feel liberated from trying to control circumstances, as the channel of brilliance filters reality through the eyes of love. The love we speak of is not conditional; it's free love. All inclusive. The kind of love that loves to love. The love that is US :) Here you live emotionally free. Your emotions are used as a guide for you to realize how much in alignment you are being with your natural brilliance. When you embody your truth, you don't need that guidance. You simply embrace your life as you are, so you live in a effortless state of appreciation. This is true meditation. We also realize that in this state, we are free to express ourselves and we realize that all we wish to be, we already are. We live in the abundance of love and prosper on all levels because that is what we are. We are divine. Our dreams are realized because we live our desires, knowing that they are purposefully designed for us to express. Our purpose is to be who we are and our desires are simply our soul's invitation to explore expressions of ourselves that we feel drawn to experience. Our power lies in the channel of our brilliance. 

Yes, this channel exists for you. Yet knowing this is not enough. You have to feel its presence as YOU. That is what Samba and I do. We align you to the channel of brilliance, so you can live on purpose and heart fully fulfilled. Imagine a life of magic, pure love, inspiration and JOY! It's here and when you work with us, you can live it!

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Isabella and Samba