* Awaken Your Soul's Desires *


Your soul’s true desire is to feel fulfilled in the moment, knowing the best is now.

Free from limiting beliefs, circumstances, a questioning mind, emotional guidance or the need to make choices. The he-art of life is simply being in the knowing by flowing in harmony. This is where all your creations are realized.  Here you are liberated to live your full expression as you are.

If you ever feel lost it’s because you believe that what you desire is not here. This perspective will keep you endlessly searching.

Remember this:

You are already all that is. Everything is in creation. Your desires are simply different ways you express your infinite nature. When you are living in the harmony of life, you don’t actually want anything because you feel fulfilled as everything. And thus you create from a place of abundance, instead of the illusion of scarcity. Realize all your wishes really do come to fruition, in the way that best suits you.

How to Create in Harmony:

1. Know it already exists. 

There is a deep sense of calm and comfort when you know it’s already present.

No matter how the circumstance presents itself; it will feel truly peaceful when you embody your natural state of harmony.

This liberates you from trying to control the outcome. Remember the result is how you feel.

2. Appreciate and acknowledge the gifts that present themselves to you in each moment.

Everything that exists has a purpose and when you realize that it holds a special gift, you easily acknowledge and receive that. Here you can literally live your life receiving and sharing gifts all day long. :)

3. To live a magical life, you simply have to feel the essence of love and harmony.

Miracles and magic are real. So is your imagination. It is simply a dimension of reality by which you live in when you perceive life through the eyes of love. This love we speak of is all inclusive. 

4. Peace is in JOY! 

Being in harmony can be compared to as the current in the ocean. Somedays it might be calm and other days it can be upbeat and enlivening. 

Yet there is always an underlining stillness by which all creation arises.

5. Every moment has it’s magic. Live it!

6. Do what lights you up. 

ENJOY where you are!

Be in the action of life*

It’s all here for you now :) 

How do you desire to be? Feel free to share in the comments bellow. :)