Best Way to Brilliance*

Are your desires getting the best of you?
Your desires are designed for you to realize the truth of who you are.
And yet, if you feel the absence of them, you actually stimulate more of that.
Life is infinitely abundant. 
Whatever you focus on, you will get more of.
There is no lack. There is only the experience of MORE lack.
Instead of focusing on your desires to create them, use them to discover your brilliance* 
Feel the difference!
This enables you to live your most powerful creations.

You are everything you wish to be!

It is not about becoming something you are not, it is about revealing yourself as you are.
There are no blocks to bust, struggles to endure, thoughts to change or limiting beliefs to breakthrough.
When you live in alignment with your truth, your special gifts and talents naturally shine.
It is here you realize what you TRULY desire.
All the resources you need to live them, will present themselves to you.
Your prosperity shows up when you say YES to YOU*

You are your most valuable asset!
Your alignment to your truth is of the HIGHEST Value*
Your presence is a gift that only you can offer the world!

The authority, enCOURAGEment and guidance you need is available for you now.
Samba and I are dedicated to aligning you to the truth of who you are, so you can embody your brilliance and live a prosperous life!
We are here here to ignite your power and support you to pursue what lights you UP, so you shine your BRIGHTEST*


Isabella and SambaXX