Different Expressions of You


Awaken to Brilliance is intended to inspire you to witness the extra-ordinary, so you can live a wonder-full life. Whenever I take a photo of Samba he is very aware of it. With every photo he transmits a message that aligns to this clear intention. Take a close look 👀 This is what he says 'The shadow of my soul 🐴  Notice our different expressions, as oneself. We embody infinite expressions of our truth at the same time. This is multi-dimensional living being realised. Life's beauty at its finest.'👌 Love, Samba * We can literally see it now 😍  Whatever version of yourself you desire to be, you can be! Because you already are. 😊  Simply know it exits. Focus on its presence and act accordingly. The more you do, the more you bring its physical form to life* This is how you create your desires. 💝


Isabella and Samba