How to Generously Generate Money in Your Life

Hello Beautiful! I am so excited and super happy to share a gift I created for my Dream Designers' Team. I've been feeling a vibrational shift in regards to the creation of money and I feel so inspired to share this with you. It's really true to my heart and my own life experience. May this resonate with you too :) for this is a beautiful way to experience the brilliance of money. 

This is a 3 minute audio recording which highlights the following: 

  • Inspiration, Passion, Love + FUN is what generates the abundance of money most freely.
  • It's not loving what you do that makes money. It's being love in all that you do which generates the abundance of money. This is how you access multiple streams of income :) 
  • The strategy to how you align and design your dream life will show up in your inspirations.
  • Your emotions accurately express how you are thinking about what you are feeling. When you appreciate your emotions for indicating to you your current state of creation, you easily align to the flow of inspiration in which all your prosperity lives. 
  • You can always change your emotions to suit you best when you shift your focus to what you prefer.
  • The purpose of your dreams and desires is simply to align you to inspiration and passion, for that is the currency of money.

All My Love,


PS. This unique download and perspective was brought to me in unison with my beautiful horse Samba, who conveyed to me that the vibration of money is present in all of existence. It is not exclusive to the human experience. In fact the vibration of money is life force energy. We are not separate from money. Money is Love. Love is what we are. It is the energy that creates worlds. When we feel inspired and passionate about life, we generate that free flowing presence abundantly through us. Our inspirations naturally align us as to how we create money in physical form.
It truly is that simple and POWERFUL!

Money is free flowing and therefore a state of FREEDOM!

By embodying life in it's fullest potential and living in accordance, we live the radiance of money :) 


Isabella and Samba 

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