Wake Up To Your Dream Life!

Hello Beautiful! Today's post comes to you from Samba after our Dream Designers' Team Call. He mentioned this simple insight that when applied, brings forth transformational results! This is how we GLOW*

'Speak only of that which you wish to activate.' - Love, Samba

This 3 minute audio highlights:

  • Where your focus goes your energy flows. In order for you to live your dream life, it is most beneficial to focus on what inspires you. 
  • Think, feel and act in alignment.
  • If you don't feel good, simply change your focus. An emotion that doesn't feel good is only indicating to you that your point of focus is not how you wish to it to be. Simply appreciate the emotion for raising your awareness to your current state of creation and be grateful that you can shift your perspective and thus the result, by choosing to see it in a way that supports your preference. 
  • Approach life as you wish to experience it.



Isabella and Samba 


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