Play with Time!

Time is now and now is all there is.

Therefore the past, present and future are all happening now. They are simply existing in different dimensions of reality. We can access any moment of time when we embody a universal, all inclusive perspective. Everything is connected and collaborates in unison; when we influence one aspect of time, all other times change as well. Life really feels magical when you experience how to deliberately pause, slow down or speed up time by moving through different dimensions. 

Have you ever noticed how something in the past that used to affect you no longer does?

That is because your current state of awareness lives from a different perspective and thus has created a different past and is in alignment with a different future. 

Have you ever been so engaged in something you were passionate about that 5 hours felt like 30 minutes? 

That is because time is flexible :)  

How is this useful in regards to creating your dream life?

This helps you to realize that you have the power to create new past and future experiences according to your present state of awareness. You also come to know that you have the ability to align to your dream life now, simply by realizing it is already in existence.

When you are aware that it is so, it's easy to live!

You will not be forcing to make things happen, you will simply be in the flow of your dream life, in which all is happening. This expansive state is truly liberating because you have the luxury to choose what you prefer from infinite possibilities. This is at the heart of living a wealthy, soul fulfilling life. 

Herein lies the freedom you seek; to express yourself as you are, in which ever way you wish to be! 

Here are some golden keys designed for you to align to the reality of your dreams :

  • You do not need patience when you realize your dream life is here.
  • Happiness is a place of creation, in which you express yourself freely. 
  • Transformation is instant the moment you change your perspective.
  • When you live in alignment with your heart, the Universe supports you with love and luxury.
  • You are already abundant! 
  • You can choose and embody your preference by being it now.
  • Your alignment is timeless. You always have time to create your dreams. 
  • The fun of life is in the experience of it.

EnJOY playing with time!

All My Love,


PS. If you ever feel like this awareness should be making things flow faster for you, take a moment to breath deeply and contemplate the perfection of life's timing. If you are not able to speed things up, it's because there is something of value for you. Appreciate the present experience. Perhaps it is exactly what you need to access more miracles. How brilliant is that?

Your dreams live in the reality of your imagination and that starts by embracing the magic of now.