* You are Here to Live Your Dreams *

Your dreams are purposefully designed for you to express the best of you! 

There is nothing you desire that is not already in vibrational existence. All you have to do to experience what you want, is to align to the frequency of it. Through your embodiment of that frequency, you bring it to life in ways you can not even imagine.

Beyond your expectations,lives your extra-ordinary life!- Samba.png

When you ground your energy and completely immerse yourself in the moment, you have the clarity and inspiration to act in accordance. Remind yourself that this moment is all there is. All you desire is here for you now. Your prosperity is bountiful! Your heart's wishes are your guiding stars. They are destined to align you to your luminary life of brilliance!

' Pursue what lights you up, so you shine your brightest* '  - Samba

Today and always, remember your essence. Feel your dreams to life. (Write them down.) Embrace the moment as it is and act on the clarity of your inspiration.

Have a wonderful, happy day!


Isabella and Samba*