* The Dream Designers' Team * 


jOin a team that sparks magical creations!

Hello Gorgeous! I am so happy to announce that Samba and I are expanding our team of Dream Designers. This opportunity has come highly requested, as many of you have asked how to apply universal wisdom in your everyday life, so you can experience the reality of your magical dreams. Through years of soul searching and heart felt dedication to master the principles of creation, I have come to realize how simple, fun and joyful it is to do! Now Samba and I are here to enlighten you to it. The intention for this program is to empower you to be a Dream Designer among a super supportive team, so you too can create a life you LOVE!

Your dreams are a Universal invitation
to experience what is here for you!


  • Align to the reality of your dreams and design in accordance.

  • Access and be your own source of universal wisdom.

  • Integrate your best self in your everyday life.

  • Embody all you desire to be.

  • Trust your brilliance and shine!

  • Activate your psychic senses and explore your amazing potential.

  • Develop your special talents and strengthen your intuition.

  • Physically manifest your vibrational dreams.

  • Live your life in celebration with passion, purpose and inspiration.

  • Feel fulfilled and embrace a sensational life!

  • Create in harmony with peace and love.

  • The power of imagination and how best to use it.

  • The gift of emotions. How to love them all!

  • The freedom and beauty of self expression.

  • The heart of true love.

  • New perspectives on health, wealth, relationships, life purpose and more!

  • LIVE in-JOY!

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Being part of the Dream Designers' Team is at the heart of your success! We are all in this together and it feels amazing to boost our creative potential with an incredibly supportive and empowering team of like hearted individuals such as yourself. You are amazing and your special expression of love contributes greatly to the course content. Your questions will be addressed collectively and answered in a way that feels true for you. Together we will inspire miracles to unfold gracefully for us, as we celebrate the presence of magical moments.  



  • 4 LIVE interactive group coaching calls per month with fresh and uplifting insights to create your best life! They are all recorded, so you can listen to each one as often as you wish. Each one will be sent straight to your inbox, with an additional introduction on the call's key points.

  • Weekly Facebook LIVE video which highlights the golden theme of our call and defines your design tools and techniques for the week.

  • 1 email a week, in which you can ask a personal question that supports you to live with greater ease and flow. (This is an extra special bonus just for you with love from Samba and myself.)

  • 1 private 30 minute private coaching call per week to polish your designs and hold you accountable to take aligned action.

  • A private Facebook group, The Dream Designers' Team, in which you can meet others who share your passion for life, as well as receive exclusive guidance and universal wisdom from Samba and myself that you cannot access anywhere else. We will only be posting it here for YOU :)

  • Energetic transmissions of brilliance - In order for you to live your brilliance, you need to align, integrate and embody that vibration consistently. By joining us, you will :)

  • And more surprises shall shine along the way!



A 30 minute private welcome call with me. A wonderful opportunity to set your designs into motion. This is sure to ignite and establish your heart's true desires.

This is going to be a highly dynamic and super effective program that is guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun!



This awareness empowers you to live in the reality of your dreams, while designing what is already here for you!



Start Date:

March 2019 - 3 month program.

When: Every Sunday we will host our LIVE group coaching call.

Time of Coaching Calls:  10am PST - 12pm ET - 5pm GMT

The Investment: 

Your commitment: Show up, UNITE, inspire, have fun and design your dreams :) 

If you feel drawn to create your best life in collaboration with us, then send an email to awakentobrilliance@gmail.com with the subject line : I am a Dream Designer. 

You will receive a personal email from us with love to you to proceed payment with course details and to schedule your private welcome call. 

Share the Love: 
Feel free to share this opportunity with your loved ones, so we can shine bright together. We warmly welcome all hearts that are truly committed to excellence.


Isabella and Samba