Playful Spirituality with Fun Loving Kate Sitka and Samba

Hello Beautiful*

Today we are co-hosting our show with the fun loving Kate Sitka, an animal communicator, spirit medium and host of one of my favorite podcasts, ‘The Joyful Telepathy Podcast’.

(My gorgeous black stallion, Samba and I just recorded an episode on her show, so make  sure to tune in there as well :)

Kate loves to take higher concepts and make them practical, so you can enhance your life! She also encourages you to start communicating with animals. (Her podcast shows you how :)

In this show, we are joined by Samba who shares universal wisdom from his broader perspective on life. So you can embody your brilliance with greater ease and harmony.

Samba invites you to play, explore and express your infinite potential. You are here to SHINE!

Powerful Quotes:

  • ‘Your soul doesn’t evolve, it involves. You are already all that is.’ - Samba
  • Your soul doesn’t need to get any better. It just wants to experience different expressions of U.’
  • ‘Your vulnerability is your greatest strength because you are expressing your truth and sharing moments where nothing is certain and therefore all things are possible.’ - Samba
  • ‘It’s an enrichment’ - Kate Sitka
  • ‘The greatest understanding need not be understood. That is the power of love.’ - Samba
  • ‘Our divinity is our nature. The more we embody our natural brilliance, the more grounded we are. And thus, the easier it is for us to apply universal wisdom in our everyday living.’ - Samba

The show’s highlights:

  • Destiny
  • How to make a choice with confidence
  • Parallel realities
  • Magic is Real - How to live in that reality.
  • Love your mind, thoughts, emotions to be free from them.
  • Appreciate - Receive the gift in each present moment.

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