Raise Your Vibes with LOVE

Hello Beautiful! Happy 2018! Today's show is all about raising your vibration by simply shifting your perspective. This insight reveals how to embody your brilliance by seeing through the eyes of love. 

We also explore how the same vibration can be felt differently. Listen in for this super cool insight! We highlight how the vibrational essence of joy is the same vibrational essence of rage; it just depends how you perceive it.

The show also reveals that the purpose of your emotions is simply to guide into realizing how much in alignment you are being in regards to your brilliance. When you can see your emotions as such, you more easily appreciate that they raise your awareness to how you are creating your life. In doing so, you open up to an expansive perspective which aligns you to integrate and embody your psychic nature. 

Here, you no longer need the guidance of your emotions, as you are being the creator of your life experience. You are the one who gives meaning to your life. This is an incredibly empowering place to be; to see that all is an expression of love, to connect to it and to live as it.

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