Spark Your Brilliance with Music*

Hello Beautiful! Today's show highlights this important message:

'Your brilliance is a gift that only you can offer the world!'

Golden notes:

  • In order to make a difference, be yourself!
  • If you want to live an inspiring life, act on your inspirations.
  • A fabulous way to shake up your system and align to new inspirations, is to do something different.
  • Get up and DANCE! 
  • When you dance and have fun, you activate your body, embody your natural state of abundance and flow in harmony with creative magic!
  • Dancing is a wonderful way to lift you up and expand your consciousness. 

After the Show, put your favorite music and dance.

Then SHARE the LOVE and invite your family and friends to tune in and join this episode, so they raise their VIBES with us! 


Join the after party and add in the comments the songs YOU LOVE to dance to!

Inspiration inspires us all!

Thank YOU!  

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All My Love,

See you tomorrow*