Love Your Body Beautiful

Hello Beautiful!

Today's show shines light on the brilliance of your body! And how to have a wonderful relationship with it :) 

Today's Quote:

'The best way to embody your brilliance, is to move your body.'

Golden Notes: 

  • Explore your potential by moving your body in ways that inspire you. 
  • In fuse passion in all that you do and be present and engaged in the activity that inspires you most. 
  • Appreciate your senses and immerse yourself in your feelings.
  • Moving your body is a wonderful way to focus your mind, circulate universal energy and feel vibrantly alive.
  • As you move your body in fresh and new ways, you stimulate your creativity. 
  • The cells in your body are conscious and know exactly what is best for you.
  • When you embody your brilliance, your cells function optimally.
  • You will naturally align to the foods and experiences that empower you. 
  • Trust your body's wisdom. 
  • Have FUN!


Everyday I share Universal principles that empower you to create your dream life as love!

Thank you for joining me today :) 

*  Be Your Brilliance *

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