Before You Break Up, Make Up :)

Hello Beautiful! Today I am super delighted to bring this message to you; before you break up, make up! It's all about nurturing brilliant relationships in your life, including the one you have with yourself. 

Golden Notes:

  • The foundation of a golden relationship is to be the love that you are and express that fully; so you hold no one responsible for the love that only you can be yourself. 
  • You can choose how you experience any relationship.
  • When you embody your brilliance, you activate and align to the brilliance in everything. 
  • The same people will show up differently when you see through the eyes of love. 
  • Highlight life's goodness and design your life in accordance with your heart's desires
  • Infuse your life with passion and you will naturally live your purpose. 

Life is an adventure. It is not about finding yourself in what you do, it's about expressing yourself in all that you do.


Everyday I share Universal principles that empower you to create your dream life as love!

Thank you for joining me :) 

*  Be Your Brilliance *

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