Glow Your Best

Hello Beautiful! Today I am excited to share with you a Universal vision that is going to empower you to live your best life! It's a great show if you are passionate about bringing your vision to life or if you don't know what your vision is. I highlight an exercise that can transform your every moment living. This insight will help you wherever you are in the creative process of your dream life :) 

Today's Quote:

'When you stay true to your vision, your vision comes true for you.' -Isabella Allard

Golden Notes:

  • The Universal Vision is to define the best version of you.
  • How does your brilliance express itself? 
  • What are the qualities of your brilliance?
  • How does your brilliance feel, think and act? 
  • What does your brilliance wish to express?

Write your answers down. Be creative. Feel it. Have fun!

Then act in alignment. Ask yourself from moment to moment, what does the best of me experience now?

The more you choose to be your brilliance, the more you activate, embody and express it.

  • When you are your brilliance, your vision is created in alignment with the best experience.
  • And if you don't know your vision, it will be known to you from your state of brilliance. 

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