Empowered Enlightenment with Aaron Abke

Today's podcast is a juicy one! I am super delighted to introduce you to the amazing Aaron Abke. Aaron helps people free their mind, empower their heart and expand their consciousness.

In this episode we go deep into dimensions of reality that have the power to influence how you experience your life. 

We highlight:

Astral Projection

Authenticity is your ability to be who you are.' - Aaron Abke

'Nothings feels as good as being yourself.' -Aaron Abke 

Empowerment and Enlightenment

'It takes effort to be effortless.' - Aaron Abke

'It was always the most natural thing but you overlooked it because it was so natural.' -Aaron Abke

Law of Attraction = Law of Reflection

- Desires

Law of One - The 7 Densities of Consciousness

'How can that which is one ever be lost?' - Aaron Abke

'Every time someone expands their consciousness, it adds to the overall frequency of the planet.' - Aaron Abke

Transformation and Transitions 

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